Professional way for Next-Gen Technologies

About Us

Peahoki was established on the ideas of founders about a world that utilizing most of the power of technology to create happier lives. With more than 15 years of research and experience in the technology industry, we aim to develop innovative solutions to completely change the business landscape and key products of our customers.


Our mission is to make life better by connecting people with new trend technology around the world. At the same time, we remain committed to enable our clients’ success by providing a world-class customer experience at every interaction and every opportunity.


Our vision is to be the leading technology business partner in the digital age, with cutting edge, innovative technologies, global reach and global capabilities.

Core Values

All employees in Peahoki is committed to:

  1. Being Proactive: to take the initiative, anticipate, prepare and respond to an expected occurrence. We continually seek to put forth new ideas in order to improve upon current processes.
  2. Being Learning-mind: We strive to learn day-to-day, sharing what we know together and are willing to take on challenges for which we may not feel quite ready.

Behaviour Values

All employees in Peahoki pledged to treat each other as follow:

  1. Be Sharing: The beauty of knowledge is that its value is not diminished, but rather made even greater, by sharing it as broadly as possible.
  2. Be Commitment: The success of an organization depends on the commitments of all employees to be responsible of performance and puts a lot of effort and applies the best abilities to fulfill all tasks.

Why We

Professional way

Our business is driven by a professional management system that adheres to the following principles:

  • Applying the best practices and industrial standards in all process including ISO, Agile, CMMI
  • Quality is most important. We follow the harsh requirements of Tracking and Testing system
  • Being creative and fact-based in finding breakthrough solutions for all business cases


What do top-notch developers look like? Developed tech muscles, battle-proven skills, hard-won unique knowledge: that’s pretty much what our dedicated teams are all about. In addition, our team strives to access a wide pool of technology knowledge by attending in-depth seminars and webinars.

  • Web | React, Angular, Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, WordPress, Magento
  • Mobile | Native & React Native
  • Cloud | Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
  • Data | ETL, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Science, Advanced
  • Analytics, Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • DevOps | CI, CD, IaC
  • QA | Automated and Manual Web, Mobile, API, Database Testing

Culture understanding

We understand cultural diversity has a strong impact on consumer behavior. And more importantly, we had many years of intensive work with customers from all over the region, giving us a deep understanding of user behavior and effectively apply them in product developments as well as create market-entry strategy.

What We Do

Outsourcing Services

The products we have been doing our best to continue to develop and improve

Software Development


Business Applications

Embedded System

Big Data, Analytic & AI

The competition of the 4.0 century is no longer owning Data, but the smartest and most efficient data processing. At Peahoki, we have developed unique methodologies to assist in data analysis and processing including:

  • Data warehouse and data mining design and implementation, data migration
  • Collect and analyze data in real-time.
  • Standard and customize reports.
  • Data analytics and prediction.


The products we have been doing our best to continue to develop and improve

To understand and make the right decisions in life, please download Menh Ly Application that applies big data analysis technologies to give accurate scientific forecasts.

or scan QR code to download

The unique virtual assisstant which focus on helping users to choose what is right for them everyday. Based on AI and deep research in people behaviour, Peachat will be the best assisstant to help user in life.

Application will be launched in soon.

We always welcome talented, passionate and hungry people who want change the world to join the team. Please send us your CV.